As a photo editor and producer, I've developed extensive creative thinking and problem solving skills, as well as a roster of talent nationwide. From concept creation to on-set art direction, I have a clear understanding of context and what decisions lead to a successful product.

Working with original subject matter, I relish the first step of picture-making and work to develop concepts that are clever and have impact. I have an instinct for aesthetics and trend and use that talent for interpreting where to take a brand visually.

My visual understanding was first shaped at the Rhode Island School of Design, and then successively developed at Newscorp, Conde Nast, and Time, Inc., culminating in over ten years of experience in traditional and new media.

I'm excited to take on new projects and look forward to discussing future collaborations.

My LinkedIn profile and email: laceybrowne (at) gmail (dot) com.

photo by Shayla Hunter

photo by Shayla Hunter